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For Entrepreneurs & Early Stage Companies

Creating and building a new company is no small task. Rapid changes and unknowns facing early stage companies can be treacherous without trusted and knowledgeable guidance. Matador Advisors work side-by-side with entrepreneurs to build solid businesses that invent the future.

Matador Advisors can assist with:

  • Developing a concise description of your initial target market and a compelling picture of how the market will perceive your brand.
  • Developing scenarios to help others visualize your innovation, business plan, and market strategy
  • Strategy stress-testing
  • Executive development and transition support
  • Recommending and cultivating potential early adopters representative of your target buyers
  • Using your working prototype to validate and refine product requirements
  • Identifying and interviewing early adopters who need your product or service for a breakthrough business project
  • Selling and delivering the minimum viable product to a limited number of early adopters
  • Developing customer-driven market sizing
  • Providing a good dose of reality to help you establish realistic projections for your path to market, revenue plan, projected burn rate and capitalization.
  • Designing a lightweight website with just enough information to support fundraising and to interest potential employees and partners.
  • Defining critical jobs that need to be done and supporting recruiting and hiring processes
  • Building a high-functioning board of directors and/or advisors
  • Developing performance evaluation processes
  • Developing fundraising materials that are powerful, clear, and brief
  • Introductions to early-stage funding sources
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Planning and coordinating the company and product launches

For Executives of Growth Stage Companies

We help leading corporations through business transformations.  Our ambitious mission is to help clients improve their speed, agility and ability to navigate changing markets.

Matador Advisors’ experience and background helps them innovate, create, and sustain competitive advantage by better using their people, processes and technology.

Through the creation of a tactical growth plan, we evaluate a broad range of risks and design mitigation solutions.  We work closely with management during implementation and provide ancillary services to ensure the client’s goals are met.

Matador Advisors’ ancillary services range from innovation pipeline evaluations, to building strategic alliances with other channel partners, to creating the organization required to sustain growth, to recruiting, motivating and rewarding a board of advisors to accelerate growth.

Matador Advisors can also advise and guide management on selecting and opening reseller and private-label channels based on their strengths in reaching and serving their target market.  Our research and advice may include special feature identification, packaging, partners, services, and pricing.

For Investors & Business Leaders at Any Stage

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For Owners, Boards and Investors

Due Diligence program
Crisis Management

e-Commerce, e-Marketing and Social Media Design & Support

Skunkworks and disruptive change
Agile architectures (SOA + cloud)
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